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Open DMAT Account

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Link to Open DMAT account:


Welcome to Aditya Birla Money please see below Simple 11 Steps for an easy understanding of the Mobile Invest App



Step -1: How to Download Mobile Invest App & Login



Step -2 : 


How to Transfer FUNDS Online in Mobile Invest App


Virtual Account Transfer



Transfer via Net-banking



Transfer through UPI



Step -3: How to create a Watchlist



Step -4: Understanding All products types MIS/NRML/CNC



Step -5: How to Place the order for Buying and Selling



Step -6: How to Place Stop Loss Order



Step -7: How can you check your Ledger & Transaction Reports



Step -8: How to Check your Portfolio Holdings



Step -9: How to Sell shares Using E-DIS (If you haven't signed POA)



Step-10: How to fill POA & Nominee 








Step -11: How to Pledge in CDSL only and Increase Margins



Introduction to Aditya Birla Money App

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